About me


Personal life: Born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1992, I quickly fell in love with the oceans. My parents say I used to love and spend all my time snorkelling and swimming. Always inside of the water. I started diving at 10 and surfing at 16. It was during this time, – blaming and thanking my father who took me travelling and diving all over the world–, when I soon realised my total connection with the oceans. Looking for my dreams and devotion, I graduated in Marine Science – Oceanography in the ULPGC in the Canary Islands (Spain). Then, I went to Australia looking for research opportunities in the amazing world of Coral Reefs. There, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab (University of Queensland) for Pim Bongaerts working on the website mesophotic.org. Additionally, I lived by far one of the best experience of my life becoming a fieldwork team member of Chasing Coral, streaming on Netflix. This allowed me diving in most of the Great Barrier Reef. With full motivation and seeing that opportunities exist, I came back to Europe to undertake a MSc in Biodiversity and Environmental Management of Coral Reefs at EPHE (France). I did my first Internship in Perpignan(France) with Valeriano Parravicini  and a second one with Laetitia Hédouin in Moorea (French Polynesia).

Currently, after getting my PhD funded by EPHE-PSL, I am back in French Polynesia to explore and study the “twilight zone” or the mesophotic coral ecosystems (deep corals) of the 5 archipelagos of French Polynesia with the amazing team of Under the Pole under the project DEEPHOPE.

A little bit of research:

  • What is my PhD about?

My PhD focuses on the study of the mesophotic corals of French Polynesia. Research questions will be split in two main approaches: 1) Understanding the community structure of scleractinian corals along the depth gradient according to environmental variables; 2) Understanding how generalist corals (species present in shallow and mesophotic depths) modify their physiology capacity to adapt to low light environments at depth.

  • What are my research interests?

I am a coral person. I love corals because they are the main builders of my favourite ecosystems, coral reefs. And it is not only for their spectacular landscapes, creating amazing diving/freediving sites and perfect waves. It is because they are biodiversity hotspots in the oceans, because they provide goods and services that go from: coastal protection and fishing areas to tourism and new medicine drugs.

Unfortunately, corals are very threaten by climate change. So my main research interests are understanding the effects of climate change on corals and finding potentially resilient reef areas to climate change. However, any research that considers learning and understanding the ecology and biology of corals interests me. In mother nature everything is connected and every organism and conditions, as little as you can imagine plays its important role. So yes, I am interested from the coral microbiome to the oceanographic waters surrounding coral reefs.

  • A little bit more:

I drive my life according to my passions. As a diver, freediver, surfer and sailing person, it is not difficult to find me by the ocean. Although I love any kind of sports and outdoors activity. I love travelling and living in different places. The feeling of discovering and exploring new sites fill my mind to look for new adventures. Meeting interesting people is a plus.

Travelling made me a multicultural person. I care about general research, sustainability, equality and the future of our fragile world. I speak Spanish, English, French and Catalan.

Get on board with my adventures and follow my track for future updates!!

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